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by keithzg

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ie. Dopesmoker Presents: Dopemaster (by Taylor Swift) For Music League, look it's a long story to a silly in-joke I'm taking my riff on WAY too far here.


[All vocals, both lyrics and field recordings, run through AI speech processing, and this is the result.]

To parallel football in hand for. Hello smoke to refill them down by the sea. Jump bongs, lie. We will smoke until we die. The master talks a lot. He's got the ball hits. Just won't stop and everybody knows. He's the master suppose made of solid gold and it's filled with the dankiest weed.

Everbody knows it's the dome master smoke so much again even see. But I doesn't care his high as a cut ever but noses look no master The master. Don't my hairsty's got the ball hits that just won't stop The master.

This song be better. This thing was into, But I think that At this point, probably just replace the string or two. The same mythic seems to be right the right way to approach this to get high. The master. Don't hits it. Just one stop. Don't masturb to my sister is go gets just one.


Skip. This part being in the mix, I'm gonna record This simply still. That is not quite strict above before I say, you feel happy. So, I have to very this way down next.

Well, still at all, I texture Even way below. If you barely hear all the times, I hit that note too loud, All the times.

No, my cell phones. Almost had a battery. It's powering a entire some tire ragas. Maybe a little bit much.

All right. Well.

Please adama, thank you for wearing your face coming. Well, and board of us today. Your face covering must be warm at all times. Including any moment you're attracting with our cabin group to your face, coming, become stored in each exposure. Please use the our sickness bag and to see if in front of you, your courage to wear your seatbelt about strength to make life using e-cigarettes.

Looking at consuming your own alcohol or any cannabis products, we're offering our Air, Canada, Canada, Eastern Service. A riding food and drinking candy. Purchasing your credit card and electronic version of your receipt, your access by visiting, Air Canada.com, for splash Bistro. Thank you, dryer. News channels. Create five minutes.

He's so true, the name of the

Supportive. Please here.

Being without my trailer. Yeah, it's was gonna be down with a different one, but I'm gonna end up probably doing my boss up here to do something. Okay, thank you.

One inside.

That is each other when we leave a pinching, David's stove, Edmonton, passenger, stones.

Coming in at the 99, it doesn't matter. The recent 17.

So in number one, kind of things a reminder to have your body calls and hand, have your photo item available in hand, and as your body is your mom's privatification purposes. She mark them away over.

And he said about, we can't keep the okay, so that the two you're inside, the kind of things. So it's one and two please. So it's one attitude.

I'll collect.

That's what how you work. Now, someone number three. So, a number three time.


Tomorrow, come on.

Taking yeah.

Over here, 73.3 circuses implemented with four days of soft responsibility.


released June 26, 2022
Inspired essentially by Dopesmoker by Sleep. Uhhh not much really directly to do with it at this point though.

@BoyNamedShit on Twitter ran a bit of the lyrics of Dopesmoker into an AI text generator (I should probably ask which one, that might affect copyright licensing, hmm) to generate "Lyrics to Dopesmoker by Taylor Swift" and the lyrics I sing here start out from there.

Cover art originally (well, in some manners of speaking) generated by DALL-E Flow (github.com/jina-ai/dalle-flow).

Field recordings and music by me, Keith.




keithzg Edmonton, Alberta

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